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causes of Erectile Dysfunction " impotence "

in older people is a sign of aging and poorer health. men in late ages who still wish to have good sexual life should take good care of health and must stay free from diabetes and hypertension.

Therefore, to be free from erectile dysfunction, people with diabetes and hypertension should be treated quickly

Diabetes and hypertension are sources of various diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, stroke as well as erectile dysfunction. People who have diabetes and hypertension are associated with symptoms of decreased erection and it is a warning sign for erectile dysfunction

One way can be done by changing eating habits. Do not let diabetes occur and causing your life to be on life medication. It is extremely important to control diabetes and hypertension.

You should never see them as normal. If you can control diabetes and hypertension and stay free from them, your health will improve naturally and you will be able to perform sexual ability naturally and effectively even in your older ages.

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