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Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT)

Improve Penile erection in Bangkok

* Treatment suitable for:

1 - A person who is not erect or has a weak erection 2 - prostate inflammation

3 - injured penile abnormalities such as

twisted or slanted from its natural form

significant improvement of pain and get stabilization in advancement of penis curvature (peyronie's disease) plaque formation

• The use of Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction takes 30 minutes for treatment, adjusting for the convenience of the therapist. (Faster results than standard techniques that require 6-12 sessions) • No anesthesia or sedatives before treatment • You can return to normal activities immediately.


- It does not take too long term in treatment over the course of sessions to be determined during diagnosis. - There are no side effects and does not require anesthesia. Treatment can be repeated without risk.

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